Moonlight Snook

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These 100% Microfiber Long Sleeve Performance shirts offer superior sun protection featuring up to UPF 50+ solar protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable powered by PURE-tech™ moisture wicking technology.

Microfiber material is form fitting. Size up for a looser fitting shirt.

Care Instructions for Performance Shirts:

Proper care procedures optimize the life span of this high performance garment. Following these simple instructions will maximize the life of Surreal Waters Apparel's inherit wicking technology that is PURE-tech™:

Do not use Dryer sheets or fabric softeners

Do not bleach

Do not dry clean

Machine wash cold

Tumble dry low

We recommend using a minimum amount of laundry products when caring for your garment. Fabric softeners & other laundry products can leave behind residues which clog the pores of these highly technical fibers, depreciating its moisture wicking capabilities over time, and preventing moisture from escaping to surface area. Bleach-free and scent-free detergents are strongly recommended.